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Carolina Retirees Spring Luncheon at the Arden Church

Feeding Asheville  . . . 

Pen Sturgis has been feeding the homeless in Asheville for the past twelve-years. With the support of twenty-five volunteers she has taken her van into the heart of Asheville where she distributes from 250 to 300 meals each weekend. Her ministry, “Servant of Jesus,” is proudly imprinted on the front of her T-shirt while the back explains the mission, “God’s Street Ministry, we are His hands to serve those in need.” Sturgis, who is a member of the Arden church in North Carolina, was the guest presenter at the Carolina Retirees luncheon held at the Arden church, Thursday, March 21.  

Sturgis went on to explain there are many reasons folks find themselves homeless. One reason is due to the high cost of rent that many in Asheville have found themselves homeless and in this situation.  Then another issue is that Asheville has declared itself a “Sanctuary City” and as such, California and other states bus immigrants to the city. 

At the end of her presentation there was a loud applause.  It was then that someone yelled out, “Pass-the-Basket let’s take up an offering.” The Carolina Retirees are a generous group as they passed the basket for this important and much needed ministry. 


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