Barry Mahoney,

President of CRAN

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Carol Hayes,

CRAN Treasurer -

103 Oakwood Place #1
Hendersonville, NC 

Greetings Friends,
It’s really neat to connect with fellow travelers along life’s pathway. That’s what we do here at CRAN, Carolina Retirees Association Northwest.  This association began with just retired church workers, however, in recent years CRAN has opened up to all Seventh-day Adventist retirees in the Carolina Conference. When you join CRAN you’ll connect with fellow church members throughout the conference.


What to expect when you join:

1.  Picnics 

2.  Sponsored Outings

3.  Christmas Party

4.  Our annual retreat


We connect with you:

1. Through our publication, “The CRANberry VINE”,

2. Our Facebook page

3. Informative new website.

Barry Mahoney, President of CRAN

Come join us — you won’t be disappointed