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Meet Barry Mahorney, one busy retiree

After working in the ministry for several decades you’d think it was time to lay-it-down and head for the beach or golf course. Well this is not the case for pastor Barry Mahorney. After retiring from one of Carolina's larger churches in Morganton, NC, Mahorney chose to plant another church. In addition to planting a church in the heart of the Waldensian settlement of North Carolina, Valdese, he took on the leadership of the Carolina Retirees Association, CRAN. Mahorney was the past president of CRAN. And now once again he's leading the Carolina Association of Retirees. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, Mahorney has done extensive work with the history of Adventists in the Carolinas, specifically in the area of Valdese. 

Members of the Great Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church. This mission group was located in the heart of the Waldensian settlement in Valdese, NC.

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