Operation Whitecoat . . .

Meet two Carolina Retirees, Ernest Boughman and Louie Canosa, veterans of Operation Whitecoat.

Operation Whitecoat was a medical research program carried out by the United States Army at Fort Derrick, Maryland between 1954 and 1973. The program pursued medical research using volunteer personnel. These volunteers,  were primarily from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The stated purpose of the research was to defend troops and civilians against biological weapons, it was believed that the Soviet Union was engaged in similar activities.

Stanley Knight interviews these Adventist heroes.

You simply wont’ believe what happened when this ninety-six-year-old church member shared his faith in the nursing home.

Pastor Tim Cove shares his story.

Those early years, when the work was established in the Carolina's, were certainly troublesome times. A president had recently been assassinated and scars from the civil war were everywhere. From 1870 to the1890's the south was in a difficult struggle to recover from the war. In 1870 church leaders were thinking about the South. After much struggle and hard work the Carolina Conference was finally organized in 1901. 

Meet a very unique lady, Mary Ann Roberts. Mary Ann is really a “globe-trotting” evangelist. She has held ShareHim meetings all around the world. You’re probably asking yourself how could this retired lady, who’s living on social security, afford such travel and time-off.

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